Transcription Services are definitely in demand in the market today. Professionals of various sectors are using online transcription services for their projects and many more. Because of this, our company offers accurate and reliable transcription services for your needs. We have never failed our happy clients in serving them better as we provide high quality transcripts based on their specifications. We are not only giving them exceptional transcriptions but along with this is the utmost satisfaction that they always get from us. Together with us in fulfilling your needs are our well-experienced and highly qualified transcribers who always make sure that they only produce outstanding transcriptions with 98% accuracy and even higher. With these, we have become one of the top leading company among other transcription service providers working online today.

Along with our services, we remain to be consistent in giving excellent results to our clients. At our competitive rates, all your transcript hitches are solved. Yes, we have efficient yet easy transcript services that offer solutions to your needs. Through time, we without delays deliver transcripts in quick turnaround time options. All you have to do is place your orders with your own requirements and we’ll have everything ready before your set deadlines.

To be more accessible and convenient in giving top-notch transcribing services, we ensure that only the best transcribers stay in our network. We are very competitive in always making you joyful and fulfilled as we offer various types of transcriptions suitable to what you want. All our transcriptions are also done in different foreign and native languages depending on your requests. With these, we accept rush and super rush orders for all your transcription projects with our 24/7 customer services for assistance. Aiming to give first-class results, we have conquered the globe in providing services like our transcription services nyc and many more.

Who needs audio transcription service?

Professionals and academicians require Transcription Services for their tasks. We have an army of transcribers with solid experience and prowess to meet high-quality demands and 98% accuracy. Transcription involves the conversion of audio files into text form for eligibility. Our team can transcribe source files like conference calls, theses, oral accounts, focus groups, interviews,  panel discussions, seminars, health insurance claims, raw footages and much more. In addition to general transcription services, you can lean on our skilled team for corporate transcription, legal or court proceeding transcriptions, research and study transcripts, lecture transcription, technical transcription and many others.

How we differ from other transcription service companies?

Professional transcription plays a critical role within corporate entities, governments, courts and institutions of learning. We are revered for providing transcription services that muster stringent standards on both quality and accuracy-level. On the other hand, we ensure you get your transcript files on time. We are a Transcription Service Providers handling complex or simple projects as our defining features are the strongest. Our company is among the handful who are ISO Certified, we meet 98% accuracy, offer fastest TAT, Free Trials, bulk offers and solid customer service 24/7. Additionally, our bunch of clients is cushioned by our refund policy stretching to fifteen days. Get a free quote for any transcription project or use rush and super rush services to get your work earlier.

Wide Transcription provides services across a broad range of languages that consist of major or minor dialects spoken across the globe. Sending or uploading your files takes a couple of minutes at our platform. Clients can feel more ebullient as our platform offers a secure and confidential experience. We use SSL bit encryption to safeguard client data and ensure a spam-free browsing experience within our company virtual walls. All our transcribers assent to a non-disclosure agreement further protecting your personal details and project files against unauthorized access. Our administrative staff oversees 24/7 surveillance of data while content transfer channels are encrypted and password-shielded in various phases.

How Can I Pinpoint Transcription Services at Affordable Price Tags?

Wide Transcription offers the finest transcription services at pocket-friendly rates. Transcribers convert the audio source files into clear transcripts with verbatim accuracy level and quickest TAT schedules. Our dynamic and competitive network of transcribers boasts substantial experience in undertaking transcriptions for a vast array of fields such as businesses, advertising and promotional campaigns, media, law, technical, accounting, and much more. Since we launched our Transcribing Services, we have left a footprint in these sectors owing to our high-level accuracy, fastest turnarounds and high-quality.

How can I Get Certified Transcription Services?

Transcription of corporate conferencing, workshops, group discussions, research and other overly sensitive tasks entail a certified company. Nevertheless, vast troves of data gathered from activities such as research are needed in readable transcripts. Even if your source file has been corrupted, our skillful transcribers can still hammer out impeccable and high quality content. What’s more, we have integrated a strict quality compliance process that double checks all files before delivery to clients. Wide Transcription’s ISO 9001:2008 Certification and customer loyalty exhibited by Blue Chip companies who are part of our clientele contingent shows our quality is beyond reproach. If you want hassle-free and professional Transcript Services, you can send or attach your files in various formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, AIFF, WAV, and AVI, to name but a few.

Where Can I Locate Companies That Offer Academic Transcription Solutions?

Whether its lecture notes, thesis transcript and any other types of academic projects, Wide Transcription is among the marquee names in education transcriptions. We have a huge pool of linguists and transcribers specializing in 300+languages. Transcription Services nyc caters for lectures, dissertation, seminar, Masters Thesis and other requirements in colleges and universities, you will need a capable company with a proven record like ours.
Our services are available around the clock; you can enjoy the fastest virtual transcription from any part of the globe. We offer express delivery from 24-to-48 hours with a guarantee on surpassing deadlines.

Join us now and enjoy high accuracy, super quality and perfect transcripts carved out for professors, media houses, business sectors, researchers and other fields.

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