Transcription has become indispensable in most fields today, more so in legal, research, and business establishments. With transcription companies coming up by dime a dozen, choosing the best one may become a very daunting task. What is vital is whether it would meet stringent quality and accuracy standards. Transcription is serious business; a small error can prove very costly. Time plays an equally critical role.


Wide transcription can meet any challenges head on. The following makes us stand tall:

  • ISO certified quality standards
  • 98% accuracy
  • Affordable pricing starting from $0.75/min.
  • Fast TAT.
  • Free trial for five minutes to all new customers.
  • Bulk order offers for large projects.
  • Customer support – 24/7 services
  • Toll free number 1-888-535-5668
  • 100 % money back guarantee within 15 days.
  • FREE quote
  • Rush and super rush services are available.

The price at which Wide Transcription provides services, starting at $0.75/min, no one else does. We have earned ISO certification. Hence we confidently assure you of high quality of services, if you are not happy then we give you 100% money back within 15 days. Having well qualified, talented, and experienced transcribers on board would translate to excellent quality and accuracy.

The content used in legal or research fields need trained hands and can prove costly if misinterpreted. The turnaround time is critical and having quick TAT goes a long way in speeding up the process. If you are a new customer we offer you a FREE trial for 5 to 10 minutes. Upload your files to get a FREE quote.

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