How can I find certified research transcription services? :
Transcription of research interviews, talks, conferences and group discussions are highly sensitive and confidential that only certified Research Transcription must be engaged. Apart from this, many marketing research companies conduct lots of research activities like surveys and questionnaires which need transcription companies for converting them into readable transcripts. They need these transcripts for reference purpose.


Wide Transcription is the ISO certified company that provides certified research transcription services. Important transcriptions are carried over only after signing the confidentiality agreement.  However, naturally all their projects they do are under strict confidential basis.

Entire staff understands the responsibility and always maintain clients details and data. Moreover, data is kept in high secured surveillance. Online transfers are done only through secured encrypted lines and password protected files.

Moreover, in case the organizations are starting the projects for the first time, then they are more than happy to give suggestions and guidance regarding the recording procedures. This surely will reduce the time and energy of both the parties.

Poor recording of the audio will cause high pressure in the transcriptionist while doing the work and may affect the quality. The total quality depends on the quality of the source file that clients supply to the service provider.

The professional transcriptionists are certified people who have undergone proper training and who possess the required qualification. They are highly skilled with fast typing and keen listening skills. Normally, people with similar subject knowledge are assigned the job.

Wide Transcription who has many satisfied clients to its credit provides the certified research transcription services.

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How can I find certified research transcription services?

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