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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Japanese Transcription Service

Japanese Transcription An advance guard Japanese transcription service provider, Wide Transcription renders the wildly-sought transcripts authored by elite-level transcribers. Our crew of tongue transcriptionists has internalized the art of transcription draftsmanship crafting masterpieces by typing speech in pristine-accurate orthodox Japanese characters.

Residing in Japan, each of our native-speaking transcribers onboard is impeccably-fluent in English and Japanese while their computer prowess and typing dexterity remains unmatched. The recordings transcribed are painstakingly cross-checked by a native Japanese proof-listener to safeguard ultra-accuracy, flawlessness and mother-tongue fluency.

Capturing speech in interviews, overseas conferences, business talk and seminars is much easier as mobile phones and tablets now offer high functionalities. We jealously and stringently enforce on high-level quality to facilitate business communications from Japanese to other languages and vice versa.

Wide Transcription provides flexible and cost-efficient solutions that reduce capital expenditure, shrinking in-house workloads and boosting overall productivity at inexpensive rates.

Japanese Transcription Rates

Wide Transcription is a language solutions company, renowned as an international leading light in the quality, diversity and level of expertise. We’re focused to help your business penetrate any market in the Japanese market with the muscle of our brilliant constellation of native-speaking transcribers and ground-breaking technology.

A pre-dominating giant, we’re clearly highlighted by affordable Japanese transcription rates. Unlike our rivals, you’ll find our economical fixed starting from assessed per minute of audio suitable to integrate into your workflows and boost productivity

Unlike our rivals, you’ll find our economical fixed starting from assessed per minute of audio suitable to integrate into your workflows and boost productivity. Its only at Wide Transcription you’ll get a low-cost nominal rate per minute beating prices in heartland Japan at breakneck-paced Rush turnarounds. No dent on quality, accuracy or customization requirements.

Japanese Transcription Companies

Our transcription crew pays heed to accuracy, proper pronunciations, fluency, idioms, pristine grammar and cultural outlooks. Without a reliable transcription agency, businesses can face heavy workload pressures and time loss exacerbating its woes.

Our highly qualified and native transcriptionists have outstanding Japanese language skills to crack different accents and meet your timeframes. Unlike video/audio content that remains obliterated from search engine algorithms, transcripts allow you to leverage unlimited SEO opportunities to drive traffic to your website

Professionally-authored transcripts create leeway for better interactions, remote reach and helping learners to retain the message. Despite distortions such as background noises, multiple speakers, strong accents, style varieties, speaking tone and speed, our top-notch experts strain at the leash to extract text explicably.

Wide Transcription Offers

Wide Transcription leads Japanese transcription companies in furtherance of underlying marketing objectives by extinguishing language and cultural barriers. We help your business to maintain repositories of key conferences, events, meetings and other corporate materials. Our transcription services are available in various cities and states across the United States, encompassing locations like Wenatchee, Melbourne in Florida, and Washington, among many others.

Japanese Audio Transcription

The interplay between Japanese and English dates centuries back while the demand for transcription today continues to rise briskly. For businesses trading across Japan, they're compelled to transcribe a wide variety of documents like company registrations, manual training, commercials, podcasts, corporate videos, and website Explainer programming.

Seasoned in transcribing Japanese materials, our elite-level transcribers' firm grasp allows them to surmount the most intractable difficulties. Native-speaking transcribers furnish a phonetic illustration with clear pronunciations and exact representation of sounds

English uses some consonant sounds lacking in Japanese phonology and microscopic variations in pronunciations that transcribers must reflect in transcription. Similarly, Japanese text entails coronal obstruents to be palatalized and voiceless obstruents to follow short vowels plus other myriad pronunciation rules

At times the use of common Katakana spellings needs to be minimized, extrinsic sounds distinguished and transcription approached on a word-by-word basis. Accordingly, professional Japanese transcription services must be involved when handling official documents to ensure linguistic subtleties and cultural leanings are well-adapted.

Japanese Video Transcription Services

Transcribed videos attain a higher viewership as they can be consumed by hard of hearing or deaf people transcription services Japanese video transcription services provide scripts on which captioning and subtitling can be based as well as mass dissemination following multilingual translation.

Video content may exist as corporate webinars, webcasts, and presentations. The content buried in these materials is often replete of content on crazily-sought subjects.

Japan's the world's third largest economy is a powerhouse for vast manufacturing and energy production, insatiable domestic consumption and revolutionary technology.

The demand for professional transcriptions in corporate communication within this lucrative market calls for native Japanese cultural identity and lingual decency.

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