Where can I find the best online general transcription services?
General Transcription is the broad area which encompasses almost all transcription services in it. This is the process of converting any audio file into text format, such that making it readable. Besides, the transcribed content can be translated in the desired language as needed. General transcription can be done for any source files such as, conference calls, focus groups, panel discussions, interviews, seminars, theses, medical insurance claims, corporate earnings reports, podcasts, oral histories, raw footages and many more.

General transcription, by name is very general which includes all types of source files from all sectors. Wide Transcription, identify ourselves as the leading general transcription company. We serve all areas of transcription. We pride being one of the leading runners of transcription industry. Envisioned the incredible growth of the sector, we have strongly moved ahead with all types of transcription services. We take the complete effort to growth with cumulative results in our profession and gain huge experience and knowledge about the industry.

Besides offering general transcription services Transcription , we expand our team and services to provide business transcription, court proceeding transcription, conference call transcription, legal transcription, lecture transcription, insurance transcription, technical transcription, research transcription and many other services. We have a wide network of transcriptionists from all around the world and with this supporting team we can also provide transcription services in almost all major languages that are spoken and used as official languages too. We give more priority to deliver highly accurate transcribed files in any formats that our clients want it.

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Where can I find the best online general transcription services?

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