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Timecode Transcription Services

Expert Timecode Transcription is offered at an additional affordable charges. Educated and well trained experts impart ISO 9001:2015 standards services . Around the clock customer support. Secure and confidential with NDAs.

Timecode transcription is the process of giving a number to the specific point of time within the media file. Any transcription with time code will help to save time and resources. This will allow the end user to quickly locate any desired video or audio within the original source files.

It increases the overall efficiency of your workload. Timecode transcription services are best offered by Wide Transcription which is guaranteed with the highest levels of accuracy and quality. We have a well-qualified team of transcriptionists who have handled both simple and complex projects.

We provide both audio and video transcriptions with timecodes. For more information about Wide Transcription Services contact us right away, Toll Free 1-888-535-5668 or get a Free Quote here.

Timecode Transcription rates

Among the many timecode transcription companies providing competitive services, Wide Transcription stands apart. We offer the best quality of services at very affordable timecode transcription rates. At all times, the quality and accuracy is maintained at a high level, pertaining to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Supported audio and video file formats

AIFF/AIF, dds, Mp3, caf, wav, amr, m4a, msv, Mp4, mov, mp2, flv, cd, dvd, wmv, AVI, wma, dvf and more.

We also offer the following language services

Cantonese transcription, Latin transcription, Hebrew transcription, Mandarin transcription, Yiddish transcription, Serbo Croatian transcription, American transcription, Thai transcription, Tibetan transcription, Cambodian transcription, Australian transcription, Turkish transcription and Cherokee transcription.

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