100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


German Transcription Service

German remains largely influential in the commercial world, geopolitics and international diplomacy. The demand for German Transcription Service continues to rise as the nation’s vibrant industries such as automotive, manufacturing, technology, advertising, and retailing continue to soar and straddle other countries.

We’ve gathered a powerful force made of native Germanic-speaking linguists who transcribe audio feed accurately and quickly rendering the most reliable solutions for businesses.

Our team has solid experience and expertise cutting across various industries such as government, EU market, legal, medical, online marketing and academic

Seasoned and well-versed with the German Phonology System, we provide an accurate version of the audio/video as our professionals have a firm grasp of local accents, extrinsic terms, lingual niceties and intercultural perspectives.

German Transcription Rates

We continue to pre-dominate other service providers as we've the most competitive German transcription rates, calculable per minute. With nominal transcription rates assessed per minute of audio feed, our clear-cut pricing structure provides transparency and flexibility.

Mindful of bureaucracies existing in organizations and government departments, estimable rates work seamlessly with these administrative structures as budgets can be planned beforehand. Incorporated 10 years back to serve the German market; we've wowed the hearts of clients for cracking technical content, poor quality recordings and multi-speaker speech with excellence and unbeatable expertise.

We transcribe audio to textual versions notwithstanding intricacies such as heavy accents, background interruptions, and distortions. Staying ahead of your competitors entails effective communication with the target market; you can leverage timely and tailored transcripts that facilitate mass dissemination of content online.

German Transcription Companies

We're among the handful German transcription companies that adhere to the industry's stringency by delivering super quality, excellence and timely output.

Equipped with the latest technology to automate parts of the transcription process, we provide fast solutions without compromising quality at the most affordable rates.

Outsourcing German transcription means your business accesses technical prowess and specialized manpower that adds extra input on projects such as website localization, post-production of video and extensive knowledge in your field.

German Audio Transcription

German audio transcription provides leeway for a resourceful multilingual tool to reach a broader audience. However, business communication entails the highest levels of quality, timeliness, cost-efficiency and accuracy.

We've foraged all over Germany to bring onboard distinguished and elite transcribers accustomed to overly technical German materials, terminologies and armed with up-to-the-minute knowledge. Our team provides German transcription for more flexibility and customization to attain specific requirements geared towards your business goals.

We only assign a native German transcriber specializing in your practice area or niche for superb quality, erudition and exceptional prowess. We've long drawn out experience handling recordings capturing lectures, seminars, academic materials, focus group, panel discussions, financial content, corporate audiovisual and much more.

German Transcribers

We provide German to English transcription and vice versa with output adhering to the International Phonetic Alphabet. Audio/video recordings embody crucial information that must be replicated in written text without altering the original message

We're the only professionals who've gleaned German transcription fully to crack the exact word notwithstanding indiscernible pronunciations, heavy accents, phonemic discrepancies and consonantal orthography characterizing German.

While English is widely spoken around the world, internet users from Germany prefer a localized website that speaks their language and cloths products or services with their culture. Nationalism lies at the heart of the German culture, sounding foreign only invites revulsion to your business.

Germany is home to the world's most active internet users; transcripts will definitely propel your site ahead in search engine results and unearth content obliterated from their algorithms. Trancripts also provide an archival repository of data in electronic or print form with fast retrieval and accessibility

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